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Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Robust Home Network

How Home Network Services Provide a Reliable Connection for Work and Virtual Learning

Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Robust Home Network

Is your home office set up for reliable connectivity? Whether you work from home or your children are enrolled in virtual classes, you need a robust and fast network to keep you connected. If your current network is slow and prone to interruption, it’s time to consider professional home network services. Set up your Bellevue, WA, home network to easily handle all of your devices – computers, phones, and smart home technology.

By installing the best routers, wi-fi extenders, and cables, Distinctive Audio & Video can set you up for success. Read more to discover how your home can benefit from a strong home network.

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An Immersive Music Experience With Multi-Room Audio

Surround Yourself With Music by Upgrading to a Whole-Home Sound System

An Immersive Music Experience With Multi-Room Audio

Do you need more music in your life? Like most people, you probably listen to your favorite songs through earbuds or play them through the TV. You may even have a media room in your home where you like to escape to listen to a playlist. The problem is all those technologies have their limitations. For instance, your earbuds can’t give you the same feeling you get when a subwoofer kicks in. Your TV simply won’t deliver the surround sound you crave. And even though your media room is equipped with hi-fi speakers, it limits your listening experience to one room.

Instead of limiting yourself, expand your music-listening horizons with a multi-room audio system. Your home in Seattle, WA, will never be the same. You’ll hear the music wherever you go – unhindered by earbuds or a one-room sound system. Discover some of the advantages of a whole-house audio system by reading our blog.

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Motorized Window Shades for Seamless Light Control

Add More Appeal to Your Home With Sophisticated and High-Performance Smart Shades

Motorized Window Shades for Seamless Light Control

Take control of the shades in your home in Bellevue, WA, with the simple touch of a button. Lutron motorized window shades allow you to darken or brighten a room remotely. Easily raise and lower them on your smart home tablet, mobile device, or wall keypad. You can even integrate a voice control device and manage them with your voice! It’s that easy. No messy cords to deal with or furniture to navigate around. With motorized shades, you get the most out of your space while adding luxury to your life.

If you have a smart home, then it’s time to make your shades smart as well. Window treatments by Lutron are well known for their performance as well as their stylish designs. Add luxury and convenience to your life by upgrading to smart shades. Find out more by reading our blog.

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Why You Need a Provider Who Specializes in Home Network Services

Prepare Your Network for Smart Tech, Working from Home and More

Why You Need a Provider Who Specializes in Home Network Services

When most people think of smart homes, they think about the fun parts—the cool technology that you get to see and use every day, like the audio systems or the smart lights or the smart blinds, even the ability to open and close their garage doors or front doors or set an alarm from their smartphone.

While we certainly understand this preoccupation (we’re tech geeks after all), we know that in order to make all this cool tech really shine, you need to have infrastructure in place that gives your smart tech the power and bandwidth it needs to operate at optimal capacity without failing you when you need it most.

Here’s why you need to talk to a provider who specializes in home network services and understands exactly why this basic smart home infrastructure is so critical to the success of your smart home experience.

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