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Rock and Roll in Every Room

Unleash Your Music with Audio Distribution Throughout Your Home

Rock and Roll in Every Room

If you’re like most folks, you love your music.  When you’re at home, you might always have some tunes playing.  Perhaps you have carefully assembled your music library over the years, from your jazz CD collection to your complete set of Led Zeppelin albums purchased on ITunes.    

Beyond your library, there’s also always modern pop, alternative rock, or other music genres to enjoy on Spotify.  You want the convenience of streaming music, but you also deserve the sound quality of your lossless digital library.

So how can you achieve great sound everywhere in your home, maybe even outside, as the Northwest summer is finally beginning here in Bellevue?  And how can you have the convenience of dialing up what you want to hear on your favorite remote control, your smartphone?

Let us give you a few ideas about how to make it happen.  Just keep reading.

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