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It can be hard to strike a balance between style and functionality in your media room installation. Get a beautiful entertainment space with these tips and resources.

Samsung’s 2019 Frame TV Turns TV Into High Art

How Interior Designers Combine Style and Function in a Media Room Installation

Samsung’s 2019 Frame TV Turns TV Into High Art

In its more than 100 year history, TV has always prioritized function over design. When Philo Farnsworth first demonstrated the electronic television in 1929, he stunned the world with a device that could reproduce live moving images. The technology was incredible -- but the device looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

Rather than the sleek, thin, 4K monitors that adorn walls as part of modern media room installations today, the Farnsworth unit consisted of a big, boxy receiver and a four-inch display.

In fact, for the next few decades, TV sets would become popular fixtures in homes around the nation, but they stubbornly refused to blend in with the surrounding decor. While the units became smaller, screens became bigger, and images continued to improve thanks to sophisticated processing and LED backlighting, they still stood out.

In recent years, TV giant Samsung has devoted a significant amount of attention to combining the needs of interior designers with that of consumers who want the best picture quality possible. In 2019, their latest Frame TV may just transform the way you incorporate electronics into your Bellevue, WA media room designs.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what Samsung has in store for CES 2019, and how your clients can benefit from a TV that looks great when in use and not.

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What Is the Most Important Part of Your Media Room Installation?

Create a Versatile Entertainment Space for Friends and Family

What Is the Most Important Part of Your Media Room Installation?

When planning a brand-new media room or upgrading an existing one, it’s typical to wonder what one component will have the most significant impact. Will it be purchasing a new 4K Ultra HD TV? Should it be adding a few speakers to your surround sound? The truth is no one component will transform your space. What can make a real difference? The right planning and foundation during your media room installation. And that comes down to asking these questions when it comes to your Seattle home.

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