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Is Your Home Network Ready For Smart Technology?

Your Network Is the Foundation of Your Smart Home

Is Your Home Network Ready For Smart Technology?

We are seemingly awash in smart devices in our daily life.  We depend on our smartphones to stay connected to everything, our computers, our tablets, our smart TVs that stream from the Internet, smart lights, smart speakers, and smart cameras. Some of the technology that powers them emanates from right here in the Seattle and Bellevue area, home to Microsoft, Amazon, and many smaller technology companies. 

The common thread across all smart devices is that much of the intelligence that makes them “smart” comes from their connection to powerful cloud applications.  What makes the Amazon Echo a smart speaker that can do so much is the link to Amazon’s cloud platform, which can connect it to many other services that can do things for you.  And for that to work, you need an always-on, robust network connection. 

As we add more and more devices to our homes to control and manage functions like lighting, climate, and entertainment, we need networks with the capacity to handle it all.  Is your home network system up to the task? 

Read on to learn more.

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