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Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Robust Home Network

How Home Network Services Provide a Reliable Connection for Work and Virtual Learning

Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Robust Home Network

Is your home office set up for reliable connectivity? Whether you work from home or your children are enrolled in virtual classes, you need a robust and fast network to keep you connected. If your current network is slow and prone to interruption, it’s time to consider professional home network services. Set up your Bellevue, WA, home network to easily handle all of your devices – computers, phones, and smart home technology.

By installing the best routers, wi-fi extenders, and cables, Distinctive Audio & Video can set you up for success. Read more to discover how your home can benefit from a strong home network.

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A Strong Signal for Computers and Mobile Phones

Few things are more frustrating than dropped internet connections and a sluggish network when you need to work or do school from home. The problem usually stems from a weak wi-fi signal or an over-crowded bandwidth. A wi-fi signal gets weaker when you’re further away from the router: The wireless signal can only go so far.

Bandwidth is the amount of “traffic” your home network can handle. If there are too many devices on one network, then your connection will be slow.

In your busy home, many internet-related activities are happening at the same time: online research, video conference calls, file sharing, accessing a VPN (virtual private network), and browsing social media. All of these tasks contribute to network usage and easily bogs down a system. A stronger signal and “bigger” bandwidth alleviate most internet problems.

How to Keep Your Home Smart

Your smart home needs a reliable internet and wi-fi connection. If not, then your smart home is just a house. The smart technologies in your home work together to create an environment that adds comfort and enjoyment to your life. Whether they’re adjusting the motorized shades or selecting a lighting scene for your living room or even enjoying a movie on your 4K home theater screen, your devices must connect to the same network to operate efficiently.

However, it becomes a problem when people are streaming 4K movies throughout your house, someone is on a video conference call, the kids are listening to music through a whole-home sound system, and someone else is browsing social media on a phone. The chances are that you’ll experience a slow or timed-out connection.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to deal with these problems.

  • Upgrade your internet plan to allow for more bandwidth.
  • Get a better router that can handle all the traffic.
  • Switch to a hardwired connection for some of your devices (such as your 4K TV or a computer where you conduct video conferencing).
  • Place wi-fi extenders in key locations throughout your smart home to expand the signal range.
  • Install fiber optic cables to provide the fastest and most reliable connections possible.

However, the best solution is to call Distinctive Audio & Video. We have the experience and knowledge needed to dramatically improve your home network setup, instead of your ISP’s band-aid solution or a DIY fix that will likely have you contacting us weeks later. Get started today by calling (253) 353-4432 or clicking the contact tab on the righthand side of this page.

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