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Working with a Trusted Lutron Dealer is a No-Brainer

The DIY Route Can Often Be the Route to Frustration.

Working with a Trusted Lutron Dealer is a No-Brainer

As more and more smart home devices become available at mass-market retailers, consumers find themselves wanting smart tech in their homes. We can’t blame them – smart tech is incredible! But what many homeowners don’t realize, is that opting for the Do-It-Yourself method can often lead to frustration later on down the line.

Motorized shades and smart lighting are smart home solutions you definitely want to leave to a trusted Lutron dealer to install. Not only can a professional dealer install your lighting control and shades, but they can provide long-term service and maintenance if you experience any problems in the future.

Keep reading our blog to learn why working with a professional dealer to install Lutron’s superior lighting solutions in your Seattle home is a no-brainer decision.

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Want to Monitor Your Bellevue Home While You’re Away?

Smart Alarm Systems Make It Possible to Monitor Remotely and Much More

Want to Monitor Your Bellevue Home While You’re Away?

Imagine being away from home yet able to monitor the security of your home from afar. From viewing live feeds of security cameras to turning lights on or off throughout the day to deter potential intruders, a smart alarm system increases the security of your Bellevue, WA home while also bringing you peace of mind.

You can expand the functionality of your existing alarm system or shop around for a new system that includes smart automation and remote access features. Classic alarm system features include surveillance cameras and motion detection, while new features layer in added security via integration with lighting control, smart thermostats, remote access and more.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of smart alarm systems and how they not only keep your home safe, but could also potentially save lives.

TAGS: Alarm Systems | Home Security | Security Cameras | Smart Alarm

4 Reasons You Should Consider This Property Staging Solution

Lutron Motorized Shades Will Increase Your Seattle, WA-Area Resale Values

4 Reasons You Should Consider This Property Staging Solution

The concept of smart home automation has taken the housing market by storm. More and more homes have had devices installed that are designed to make homeowners’ lives more convenient. One smart home device many don’t think to include in the category are motorized window treatments.

Natural lighting can be adjusted throughout the day to meet a homeowner’s needs. Motorized shades can rise in the winter to let natural light in to warm the home, and in the summer they can lower to reduce solar heat gain in the house. Lutron’s motorized shades can automatically adjust with a tap of a button on a keypad, remote, or personal smart device.

According to the National Association of Home Builders and Consumer Electronics Association, smart devices such as motorized shades from Lutron may help increase the final closing price of your Seattle home by 3-5%. Keep reading below for more information.

TAGS: Home Automation | Lutron | Motorized Shades

Why Work with a Professional for Your Surveillance Camera Installation

Build a System that Works for You

Why Work with a Professional for Your Surveillance Camera Installation

There’s plenty of smart technology to help you protect your property. From alarm systems to motion sensors, you can receive alerts directly onto your smartphone and take action instantly. But the most common device is probably the security camera -- which helps you keep an eye on your property when you’re at home and miles away. Of course, there’s some confusion about what a security camera system can do, and whether you should invest in a professional surveillance camera installation for your Bellevue, WA property. Want to find out the answers you need? Keep reading.





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