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Want to Monitor Your Bellevue Home While You’re Away?

Smart Alarm Systems Make It Possible to Monitor Remotely and Much More

Want to Monitor Your Bellevue Home While You’re Away?

Imagine being away from home yet able to monitor the security of your home from afar. From viewing live feeds of security cameras to turning lights on or off throughout the day to deter potential intruders, a smart alarm system increases the security of your Bellevue, WA home while also bringing you peace of mind.

You can expand the functionality of your existing alarm system or shop around for a new system that includes smart automation and remote access features. Classic alarm system features include surveillance cameras and motion detection, while new features layer in added security via integration with lighting control, smart thermostats, remote access and more.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of smart alarm systems and how they not only keep your home safe, but could also potentially save lives.

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Remote Access

Say you’re on vacation or even at work. You can receive text notification alerts when something at home triggers your smart alarm system. Remote access changes the game of security systems because you’re able to view your live feed and view previously recorded footage. Traditional surveillance systems utilize on-site storage for the video files and aren’t easily accessible from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

A remote access app  allows you to arm and disarm your smart alarm and you can also make sure you’ve locked all the doors and shut the garage door with a glance at your smartphone. You can respond to occurrences from your smart device while you’re away from home. You can either monitor alerts yourself or select to work with a local monitoring service. Either way, you can choose how you want a situation handled whether at home or away.

Additional Features

Smart alarm systems let you easily control your home’s security with ease. Wireless keypads can be distributed throughout your home so deactivation alarm codes can be easily entered as you walk into the house and set off the alarm countdown.

Lighting control can also integrate into your smart alarm system. For example, if an intruder breaches your home, your alarm can prompt your lighting system to illuminate the entire home in an instant; this frightens intruders so they don’t stay around for much longer. You can also automate specific lights in your home to turn on or off throughout the day so it looks like you’re home when you aren’t.

A Life Saver

In addition to surveilling your home with live-feed footage, a smart alarm system can go beyond keeping your home safe and potentially save lives. With smart thermostats and climate control integrated with your system, if smoke from a fire is detected not only will alarms sound within your home, but you and local authorities would receive notifications and your HVAC system can automatically shut off to prevent smoke from spreading.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can also increase convenience and safety. There’s no need to deal with the dreaded 2 a.m. low battery chirp because these smart devices send you a notification when it’s time to change the battery, which doesn’t often happen due to their almost decade-long battery life.

Having a smart alarm system with remote access as a feature will allow you to experience convenience and freedom that traditional alarm systems simply can’t offer. Distinctive Audio & Video can help you review security solutions for your home, so call us today at (253) 353-4432 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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