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How a Smart Home Security System Helps Realtors Sell

Stage Your Next Property with Smart Security Technology

How a Smart Home Security System Helps Realtors Sell

If you’re a realtor in Seattle, WA, you know that people are looking for homes. With a dramatic increase in home value -- up 93% over the past 10 years -- it’s more of a challenge than ever to sell homes as properties start to dwindle (with a steep drop in available homes from 5,085 in 2009 to just 973 in early 2018.) With those kinds of numbers, you need to make your Seattle properties stand out, and smart home security technology can help. How? We’ll show you the important numbers you need to know when it comes to staging a property with a smart system.


81% of Buyers Prefer Smart Technology

According to, most buyers are looking for some kind of smart home technology already installed in their next property. Why? Likely because users are more familiar with the capabilities of systems and how they can improve their lifestyle. In fact, 47% of millennials surveyed said they already used smart technology in their daily lives.

As millennials become a greater home-buying force in the market, it’s important to appeal to their needs. Staging homes with obvious smart technology integration -- lighting, shading, and security features -- can help distinguish your property and make you stand out.

62% of Homebuyers Name Smart Security as Their Top Priority

You may wonder what to highlight when you’re taking a potential buyer on a walkthrough. It’s simple; lead with security. More than half of homebuyers are looking for simple, easy-to-use solutions that will protect them and their families for years to come.

Alarms, integrated locks, surveillance cameras, and more are all parts of a comprehensive security system. Ensure your clients know where the features are located, and show off the simple user interfaces to get the most out of your time with them. It’s important to remember that many smart security devices are designed to hide in plain sight, so be sure to highlight them for the greatest effect.

70% of Smart Device Users Plan to Invest in More

When it comes to smart technology, the market isn’t changing -- change is the market. In other words, users aren’t looking for systems that will last a lifetime, they’re looking for systems that are easy-to-upgrade and expand over time.

That’s why it’s essential to understand the scalable nature of smart systems. In most cases, they’re designed to develop over time. Of course, different homes will require different approaches. Older homes will rely on retrofit systems, which depend on wireless connections. Newer homes will often be wired for smart technology already, with LED lighting fixtures and motorized shades already installed.

It’s important to understand how your properties can thrive well into the future. If you have questions about smart security -- how it can help you stage a property or how homeowners can upgrade their systems over time -- be sure to ask your local expert.

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